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I believe every person is born on this earth to fulfil some purpose in life.  I have always believed I was put on this earth to help people with relationships.  So let me thank you for stopping by FEMME ADVICE.

You're probably here because you're out of places to go so you searched the internet in hopes to find some answers.  Any time I needed advice on relationships, that's what I would do. If you’re looking for a site that’s all about following your heart and wanting to satisfy the immediate urges (like most of your friends tell you to do) then stop reading.

I’ll be the first one to say that’s the last thing you should do.

In all my experiences I have found one thing to be true:  LESS IS MORE.  That's what this site is for, for me to guide you to happiness in your romantic life.  

Happiness doesn't mean easiness.

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Loving someone can blind you, just as easily as losing them can open your eyes.

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It can sometimes be hard to see what's really going on when you're in a relationship, or when you already have feelings for someone. It's important to have a non-biased third party perspective to see clearly through all the BS and guide you with a clear head. I'm here to give you logical direction because logic and love don't mix.

I don't expect all the readers to agree with my mentality or my advice and that's OK.  The world doesn't work that way and there are plenty of other websites that may be better suited for people. I know FEMME ADVICE is going to go against the grain and clash with what many other sites advise you to do in terms of dating and relationships.

There are two types dominant mentalities when it comes to how relationships should go. One mentality says, I don't have to change anything about myself, the right guy will accept me as I am and it should just be easy. The other mentality says, what I'm doing isn't working so let me reflect, adapt and change my ways to benefit me / my situation.

I want my readers who are hurt and confused to know you can make every single person who's ever hurt you really regret it, and never in a malicious way.

They come. They go. Then they come back.

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Distance apart is just as important as time spent together. Often times couples who make up and break up are also getting used to each other because there is no balance between togetherness and space. Eventually someone takes the other for granted and they end up losing interest resulting in a(nother) "break" or a break up.

Always keep your dignity and it's always OK to have a little bit of pride. If someone wants to leave the relationship, LET THEM GO. Make sure your fall back game is strong. Don't try and make them stay, it will never work. I repeat, it will never work.  If you play this out with some respect for yourself, they come back. 

Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter.

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One of the most difficult things to do is handling yourself when you are angry. I can relate to this on a number of levels, I can be quite the firecracker. If you can hang up, leave the room, go for a drive, anything at all, to keep you from going off on your person, do it.  You won't ever regret it. My go to thing is to put my phone on airplane mode and go to the gym or on a walk, and then respond with a cooler head.

Mark Twain says it best when he states: "Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured." It might feel great at that moment but after you're done going crazy and everything sets in, the bad energy is with you and you end up feeling like shit. 

Once you master how to keep quiet until you're calm and level headed, the whole world gets just a little bit brighter. Try the 2 day rule. If I'm heated, about to send a long ass text, write an email, make a call, meet with someone, whatever, over something that pissed me off, I give myself 2 days to see how I feel, then I confront the issue..... if it's even bothering me anymore.

To release the old and embrace the new, some people you know need to become some people you knew. 

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Sometimes he's just not the one. Hey, no one wants to believe it.

This could be your boyfriend of 5 years, this could be a guy you had a baby, this could be a guy that you've gone on several vacations with, gotten matching tattoos together, moved across the country for, living together, you are close to each others families. I've really heard it all. Sometimes he's not the one and honestly the worst waste in life is a waste of time.  You win some, you learn some.

You're only hurting yourself by minimizing the time you have to meet someone else. Because in your lowest of lows no one else compares to him. Regardless of how annoying it is to read this, there is someone else out there for you. You just have to believe in it. You don't want to let this one go, no one else can make you feel like he did, no one else will have the chemistry you two have!!! It feels like the worst thing ever, but you have to. For yourself and your happiness. God always has something better planned. It took me a while to understanding the beauty of JUST LETTING GO, and as soon as I did I've never been happier.  It gets easier and I'm here to help.  

Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.

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